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  • on matters of cleanliness, order and preparation, one measure of successful enactment of the site is if artists, presenters and guests consistently experience a sense of comfort and familiarity, guests must feel safe and welcome (C)
  • the design should happen in phases, activities can begin to generate for the space a network of connections and a sense of history while undergoing constant refinement (C)
  • refinement should happen throughout the space over time, the entire space should be treated as reverent, no part should be 'loved' more than another (C)
  • preserve the sense of relationship between the 'parts' and the 'whole', this is integral to the evolving design and imitates the rewards of nature, which are stretched from the micro to the macro (C)
  • as a media-compatible site the production and exhibition aspects of the space must be malleable to meet the needs of the wide range of exhibiting artists and performers (C)
  • on stage presentations: the goal is an absolute minimum of introduction, explanation, extrapolation and announcements; bulletin boards can take the place of lengthy event announcements, a properly maintained events calendar on a website can replace distracting public service announcements, treat the audience to art and magic, not expository
  • on ergonomics of maintenance: this is something the proprietor will learn soon enough, but suffice to say that well designed pathways and arraignments of seating, as well as the design of the interior space, will save thousands of hours of labor over the years; examples of this include curved pathways that direct leaves when clearing the space with an electric blower (a most indispensable tool), and lightweight furniture indoors that can be stored or moved easily when reconfiguring the space
  • design for as much flexibility as possible in regard to interchange of usefulness of inside and outside spaces, many events can be saved from rain by moving indoors; requirements for documentation require a redundant system to cover indoors and outside for last-minute weather contingencies
  • on issues of documentation: strike a balance between the needs of the audience (to have an unencumbered experience) and the needs of technology, such as camera placement, wires, microphones and control room... try to integrate the tech requirements such that they contribute to the aesthetic rather than distract
  • consistent consideration should be given to the entrance of the space, incorporate the reception table, sign in, programs and other reception activities in a way that's not obtrusive
  • performing artists have many needs, including sound checks and rehearsals, the sound system should be ready to function with the highest attention to their technological requirements
  • the needs of visual artists often include curatorial decisions; as such these decisions establish the criteria and the quality of artistic expression for the space, and as with the quality of the music and poetry and dance, it is imperative that the visual art reflect the highest degree of social and(or) formal consciousness
  • multiple performance areas, inside and outside, allow for simultaneous presentations, flexibility during bad weather, and multiple presenters on a single night (C)
  • on neighbor relations: all effort should be made to inform neighbors of the contribution that the space is making to the community and to invite all to attend, all effort must be made to maintain cooperation with neighbors in all issues of shared importance
  • on announcements/publicity: all effort must be made to share news of events throughout the community so as to provide for the artists and presenters the widest possible reception
  • events should have minimum introduction, nothing extraneous, avoid explanations, allow for mystery (C)
  • documentation of the activities at the space should be made available to the artists, either free of charge or at minimal cost (C)
  • considering documentation, a compromise must be struck between the needs of the attending audience and the needs of the cameras, invasive documentary tools and practices should be minimized (C)


observations based on my personal experience at the Artery site in Houston, Texas - ML

The first, most essential mandate for a 'steward' of a space such as the Artery, is to respect and honor the artists, presenters and technicians that make the activity possible and worthwhile.

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    Abbos Kosimov
    Doyra master

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    El Rectorado del Son
    Cuban music

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December 2013

The Artery has concluded its production season as well as its 26 year history as a performance space. Over the next few months new videos will be posted from this past season as well as past years.

A potential new site for recording events is under consideration.


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It is my hope that these notes will help perpetuate the invention that is the Artery - ML



Artists and potential presenters are encouraged to contact Mark Larsen regarding possible collaborations. There may be another venue for operations as soon as summer 2014.



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