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  • visitors, artists and performers should perceive that 'this place is worthy of me', this makes their experience resonate with a sense of primacy and significance (P)
  • an appropriate conception of scale is essential, the site should accommodate the highest number of people short of compromising a sense of intimacy
  • the site should evolve in phases, like a living work of art; it should evolve according to discoveries and the rate of discovery cannot be rushed (P)
  • certain aspects of the construction, as well as some of the art itself, might be built with the intention to rebuild, rather than designed for permanence, thereby achieving a sense of grace (think of Japanese Shaolin temples) and flexibility (M)
  • in time, the space will be known for the type of events it features, the calendar should reflect the ethics and dreams of the producer(s)
  • for the space to be regarded as spiritual and egalitarian it must not be conceived or operated as a business; this experiment is only tenable as long as it breaks from the confines of capital, hence, admission charges should be avoided (other than benefits or fund raisers for good causes), any entrance charges must be voluntary, requested as donation
  • 'reward the curious', in the placement of objects of interest the designer should think of 'layers', major elements read on one level of perception, more subtle elements reveal themselves upon reflection and inspection
  • the main infrastructure should function as a skeleton for pieces on temporary/rotating exhibit
  • space should be as malleable as possible for the exhibiting and performing artists' needs
  • multiple performance and exhibition areas allow for more fluid choreography of events and simultaneous presentations (P)
  • kinetic art is premium, wind generated movement, whether as moving art objects or reflected light, has the capacity to bring to the space a sense of energy from outside (F)
  • much has been written about the practice in the plastic arts of reclaimed materials; art made from discarded material takes on an added significance in its new use, it defies materialism and consumer culture, it is the ultimate recycling (M, F)
  • an essential concept for a living artspace is that organic matter stays on property, the tree canopy generates an enormous amount of debris, this is precious for the soil, it should be composted and the new 'dirt' spread around every season
  • documentation of events is a powerful enticement to the artists and presenters, its unconditional use by the artist is of value to them, its legal use by the producer(s) can extend the message/expression to a wider audience than those able to attend the site (F)
  • production values are eminently important, the reputation of the site should include punctuality of presentations and the absolute best quality audio and theatrical presentation possible (P)
  • integral to the function of the site as a gathering place is small spaces throughout the grounds, settings that accommodate small numbers of people, thus allowing for more intimate interaction outside of the broader group activity (P)
  • concerning outreach; most essential is 'word of mouth', if activities are broad ranged and ethical, if all manner of diversity is allowed to flourish, the space will enjoy a growing base of participation from the community (P)


observations based on my personal experience at the Artery site in Houston, Texas - ML

Above all, authenticity of an artspace comes from its history. There is no substitute for a reputation of 'good work'. Once I found myself custodian of such a remarkable sanctuary, I realized a mission to facilitate as much inspirational and experiential activity as possible. These positive memories accumulate, fueling a desire for more.

In the sense that nature is feminine (Mother Nature, Mother Earth, nurturing), the Artery site lends itself to events that celebrate such virtue, common themes include the advancement of women's rights and understanding women's issues. Its often a perfect marriage; a nurturing sanctuary in a sea of concrete playing host to activities that promote healing over destruction and aggression.

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    Abbos Kosimov
    Doyra master

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    El Rectorado del Son
    Cuban music

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Artery Events

December 2013

The Artery has concluded its production season as well as its 26 year history as a performance space. Over the next few months new videos will be posted from this past season as well as past years.

A potential new site for recording events is under consideration.


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It is my hope that these notes will help perpetuate the invention that is the Artery - ML



Artists and potential presenters are encouraged to contact Mark Larsen regarding possible collaborations. There may be another venue for operations as soon as summer 2014.



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